Service and Consultancy

 Marintech S.r.l. is able to offer a full wide service for any kind of need in the marine electric and electronic field.


An Help-desk assistance is carried out by telephone and  Internet availability 24 hour a day, 365 days a year.

Also out of  normal working time, replies are treated in real time including documents, pictures and attachments transmission.


An efficient archive allow Marintech to immediately enter the submitted question , analyse  the problem and deliver ‘first aid’ solutions.


In addition to  the above mentioned Help-desk service Marintech carries out direct interventions on board with its own specialised personnel , all around the world, in all periods of the year.


Among the societies that entrust Marintech for the service in Italy, the following can be numbered:


JOTRON PHONTECH AS  for internal communication equipment, Radio TV systems, General alarm systems, talk back , automatic telephones, external sound detector.


MARINE COMMUNICATION LIMITED for digital and analogue telephone exchange unit.


GM INTERNATIONAL for galvanic isolators, intrinsecally safe barriers, multiplexer for dangerous areas.


NAVIREX for Loading computers


MASTEX BV for  Ship’s management and inventory systems


In particular Marintech S.r.l. is the Qualified Service Agent for Italy of PRAXIS AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY BV, a Dutch company that manufacture integrated automation systems, including propulsion control and Dynamic Position Control.


In this area Marintech  manage for electronic board, computers, monitors, panels and various complementary equipment repairing, giving a fast and efficient service.


The technical consultancy offered by Marintech is the widest and most complete that could be given and cover the ‘grey’ areas of  interfacing with several and various equipment from different suppliers both digital or serial type based on standard communication protocols.