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NEWS! Become Agent of Headway Technology Co.Ltd , manufacturer of Ballas Water Management Systems.


NEWS! Nuovi Multiplexers dalla GM International.
I nuovi Multipexers a s.i. con certificazione ATEX  serie D2000M della GM International sono idonei per installazione in aree pericolose zona 1. Sono disponibili moduli ed espansioni per controllare fino a 256 ingressi analogici e 128 ingressi digitali da zone 0,1,2. Il modulo gateway ha disponibile l'uscita in MODBUS RTU per interfacciamento con sistemi SCADA o PLC. In alternativa sono disponibili moduli di ripetizione con uscite digitali. Per ulteriori dettagli


NEWS! Bridge watch alarm system dalla Marble
Navigational Bridge watch alarm system dalla Marble è un sistema 'dead man' per la plancia, omologato dal 'Lloyd's Register of Shipping che si attiva automaticamente insieme al pilota automatico. 
Comprende una stazione principale da incasso 144x72, una serie di pannelli per le cabine ufficiali e mensa, pulsanti di reset da interno ed esterno.
In opzione sono disponibili un pannello selettore dell'ufficiale di sostegno e dei rivelatori ad infrarossi.



About us

Marine Technology S.r.l., Sales Representative Agency, established in1996 under the denomination of Marine Technology S.a.s.,has been made up tacking advantage from the great experience acquired during many years by it’s managers in the marine electric and electronic plants and installation field.

Exclusive Sales agreements with Praxis Automation Technology BV and Endress+Hauser Italia S.p.a. made Marine Technology S.r.l. very soon an highly-qualified reference point for Shipowners, Shipbuilders and Installers.

In 2001 , the prestigious as well Jotron Phontech, a Norwegian firm leader in the internal communication sector and also Marine Communication Limited , in short MCL, an English company that specializes in digital Pabx systems, had been added to the first two prestigious brands.

Afterwards, other major Companies decided to rely on Marine Technology for their sales both in Italy and Monaco Principaute.

This is why Marine Technology S.r.l. has today a prominent position in Hi-Tech Marine Equipment sales.

Each acquisition required a huge selection and on-field tests that Marine Technology S.r.l. performes by visiting the most important international exibitions for marine equipment, evaluating quality and advantages of proposed products and directly checking the reliability in heavy duty conditions before to put them into the severe marine market.

Precision, knowledge, ability,punctuality.Complete and technologically advanced designs.This is the demand from our Customers.

And we know that to achieve it, we must every day strictly commit ourselves. Their satisfaction is our guide carrying out our duty. 

We are grateful to our Clients for their reliance and try every day to improve with always growing commitment and with that great passion that is the real driver of our activity and the major component of our success.

In 2006, according to the requests from our clients, we created Marintech S.r.l. (see dedicated area) by which we can assure the service on board and a 24 hour help-desk.