About us

 Estabilished in 2006 as subsidiary of Marine Technology S.r.l. with the aim to properly extend the range of services to offer to Shipowners, Shipbuilders and Marine Installers, during these years of intense activity, Marintech S.r.l. has been growing time by time  and is actually well known and very appreciated for its punctuality, completeness and precision.
The services offered by Marintech S.r.l. cover all the huge range of performances required by the modern marine units, very complex from the point of view of electrical,electronic and information technology.               

As first need, Marintech S.r.l. assures a telephone assistance 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. 

This being a service that Marintech S.r.l. considers fundamental and a matter of priority, essential for the establishment of that relationship based on trust that the marine field operators need and strongly require.

Connected to this primary service are the better properly called assistance activities on board that Marintech S.r.l. performs with the employ of specialized technical engineers by means of which Marintech S.r.l. has the capability to make erection, start-up, commissioning and trials of marine electric plants and electronic equipment.

In particular, Marintech S.r.l. has been qualified and appointed as 'CERTIFIED SERVICE AGENT'  by Praxis Automation Technology B.V. of Leiden (NL).

The great experience of Marintech S.r.l. engineers comes into evidence as well as  in design of Automation Systems, Electrical Plants and Switchboards, Communication Systems, Radio And Tv receiving and distribution Systems and of many other marine applications.
Marintech S.r.l. completes the basket of offered services by carring out on its client's account the searching of materials and equipment, taking care of acquisition and resale with very small mark-up.

Aware and attentive to the third millennium topics and problems Marintech S.r.l. fully complies the Rules in force with special regard for Safety and Environmental Safeguard.